Pet Home Health Agency ®
Pet Home Health Agency is just like a visiting nurse service and the first visiting veterinarian technician service  for your pets at home. We are the only service recommended by over 60  of the best  veterinarians in the NY metro area.
  • All this  under the direction of your own Veterinarian.
  • We are able to accommodate your pet’s needs by offering multiple daily visits, or just a few visits per week.
  • Our service ensures that your pet receives the prescribed medication and or treatment at the appropriate time and in the least stressful manner possible.
  • We schedule your pets visit according to your needs and your schedule for your convenience.
  • Daily communication with your Veterinarian is the key to continuity of care for your pet. 
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Pet health services at your door!
Let your Veterinarian know that you would like a veterinary technician to come to your home or call us yourself and we will take it from there.  See our list of services on the services  page.
Pet Home Health Certification Program
For LVT’s only!
Questions regarding the on line pet home health certification course email us at ;
Our Veterinary Technicians provide safe and effective treatments, educate  the pets guardian on the pet’s illness and take all the time in the world to assist you in the care of your pet.

Purchase the Home Health Care For Pets. A veterinary technicians guide to the fundamentals of pet home health services . E Book
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Purpose of Book

1  The History and Future of Pets in the
Home Health Realm
2  The Differences of Stand Alone Clinics
and Being on the Road
3  Home But Not Alone!
4  The Need
5  The Human Animal Bond...
6  The Veterinary Technician
8  Preparation and Implementation
9  Organizational Skills
10  Communication, Listening and Body Language Skills
11  Social and Personal Skills...
12  Ability to work with and educate different types of personalities...
13  Problem Solving and Decision Making
14  Time Management Skills...

And much more !!
Some Table of Contents
New ! Info for Veterinarians !
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The First Visiting Vet Tech Service
Become a pet home health specialist
New ! for licensed Veterinary Technicians
Celebrating 6 years and over 300 clients ! Recommended by leading Veterinarians in the NYC Metro area